Are your Pets Microchipped and Wearing Identification Tags?


It’s every pet owner’s worst fear: Your pest control service left the gate open and your dog got out.  Maybe your spouse or child left the front door open while carrying in groceries and your cat escaped.  Despite your every attempt to keep them safe, one in three family pets will get lost during its lifetime, and without identification, around 90 percent will not return home—many unfortunately being euthanized.

The good news, if your pet is wearing tags and is microchipped, there’s a better chance they will return home safely.  Don’t rely on any one method to identify your pet. Make sure your pet wears a durable collar with up-to-date contact information on the identification tags.  The microchip is a permanent level of protection and could make the difference in whether or not you are reunited with your pet.

A microchip requires no maintenance, but does require a minimum upfront cost and some companies charge an additional fee to register your contact information on the database.  If you have pet insurance, check to see if there is reimbursement, as some policies offer a benefit to cover some of the microchip expense.

Anthem Pets will offer several low-cost microchip events throughout the year, in addition to low-cost vaccination clinics.  For more information please call 480-287-3542, or consult your veterinarian.

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