Chocolate Toxicity

Complications from consuming chocolate includes hypothermia, seizures, cardiac arrest, even death.

No antidote exists for chocolate poisoning in a dog, however you can try:

• Inducing vomiting within two hours of chocolate ingestion blocks its digestion.

• Activated charcoal given orally prevents absorption of chocolate during digestion.

• Seizure control medications, oxygen therapy, intravenous fluids and other measures mitigate the most serious effects of chocolate toxicity in a dog.

 Chocolate Toxic Levels

A nibble of chocolate is not necessarily life threatening, but larger amounts can be. Theobromine is toxic to a dog if ingested in quantities of 100 to 150mg/kg. Theobromine content in milk chocolate is 6 mg/oz; in semi-sweet chocolate, 22 mg/oz; and,in baking chocolate, 35 to 45 mg/oz. Milk chocolate poses a relatively minor risk, but causes diarrhea in a dog, which must be treated all the same. To be on the safe side, an owner should never feed chocolate of any kind, in any amount, to a dog.

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