Hi, I'm Hudson

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Maine Coon

Hudson is a big boy with a big attitude. He loves to be around people, does great with other cats and dogs. He loves to be with you and in the mix of the whole family, loves kids and will happily perch on or near you any time of the day. He really likes going outside and rolling around on the patio, so keep him on a leash and watch those open doors. Hudson is vocal and not afraid to tell you exactly when he wants food or pets. He had diabetes and requires two shots a day and he takes them without any issues. And he will also remind you are if late with shots or food. We also recommend special cat food to keep him healthy. Hudson is a beautiful cat and will quickly become a big part of your family.

Hudson is a senior kitty about 8-10 years old. As long as he has his medication and continues to be monitored, Hudson can lead a happy, healthy life. The adopter needs to have a lifestyle that can accommodate his medical needs to be available to give him injections and monitor his blood sugar levels.

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