Hi, I'm Dobby

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Chihuahua - Mixed

Dobby has a great personality. He’s very friendly, great with men/women, kids of all ages, dogs of all sizes and cats. He’s curious and a fast learner loves to cuddle and play and loves dog toys. He can be protective over his toys and will eat other dog’s food if he has access. He sleeps in his crate all night and is fine in there during the day if you leave but he’ll bark some. He can be wary of strangers (may growl but hasn’t snapped or attempted to bite anyone) and still has accidents inside because he’s a puppy but we’re working on that and he’s doing really well. He’s very active outside and likes to run for a toy or ball and is good on a leash as well but I haven’t taken him out as much as I would like. He really likes to eat and is picky about his food! I really can only say good things about him, he’s amazing and will make a great family pet. He also travels very well in the car but he likes to be on my lap which is not good for me as the driver because it can be dangerous.

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