Hi, I'm Gladys

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Tan and black


Chihuahua - Mixed

Gladys currently is a foster and gets along with dogs and cats. She is always “mean” because she is a little afraid of new dogs, then once she gets to know them she is fine. I think that’s the chihuahua in her. Gladys has been in foster care about 7 months and she is the most incredible little lady. She is fierce and funny, loves to play fetch with her pink elephant toy and loves her little “lady bed”. She will sit on your lap and loves to take naps with you. She walks well on a leash, and we don’t even need to use a leash anymore, she just trots right along when you are walking.

We don’t actually call her Gladys, she answers to Lady and Tee Dees or Tee Dee Maneedy – she has many funny nicknames. She gets excited and runs in circles when she wants to play. And she is the most potty trained little lady, She will tell you when she has to go outside in no uncertain terms.  Or you can ask her and she will run toward the door, run in circles, run back. She has ten tons of personality in a 10-pound body.

It will be a very hard transition for her into her new home. When we took her in she had been wandering in the desert. She was skinny, dirty and had cherry eyes (enlarged tear ducts). With love and time, she came to trust us. After about one month we realized that she was this incredible little dog. She deserves a forever home with lots of love and attention. She is spayed, has a microchip, and we had surgery to correct the cherry eyes. She is very healthy and will live a long life.

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