Hi, I'm Frankie

Pet ID:








Gray and white


Chihuahua - Mixed

Frankie, as we have dubbed him, is as sweet and smart as they come. He literally learned his name in less than a day.  He is so incredibly sweet and gentle with kids. They can carry him around and he just looks adoringly at them. He is such a doll that he threatens to be a foster failure.  He gets along amazingly well with our two dogs (one large, one small, both females) and he is oblivious to the cat thus far.  When he wants to get your attention, he sits on his haunches like a meerkat and folds his paws, using the most earnest and pleading expression possible.  He is a fast learner and loves to cuddle.  We crate him at night in our room and I hear a brief whine and then he conks out until morning.  It is clear to us that he has been abused. He cowers if you move your hand too fast and when my kiddo scooped him up to stop him from eating a piece of chocolate that had landed on the floor, he did have a submissive pee moment.  You could tell he was genuinely terrified.  Yet he is still so incredibly gentle and sweet. I feel so badly for him, he deserves an amazing home.

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