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Rambo is the best!! We love him, Rambo is great with our kids, understands basic commands, and is housebroken. We really love Rambo!!

About Rambo! Cuddly, smart puppy with a big tongue. Rambo is a sweetheart who has played with our 2 kids, 9 and 5, every day with absolutely NO issues. One of the coolest things about Rambo, is that when you make eye contact with him or come into the room, you will hear the thump, thump , thump…that is Rambo’s quickly waging tail produces. It is hard not to drop what you are doing and snuggle up with Rambo for a good long pet.

Rambo does need some further socialization with other dogs, but after a couple days with our 1.5 year old male dog ‘Rocky’, they became great friends and now play together all day long. Rambo is very protective and very, very trainable. This smart, sweet, cuddly dog that would be GREAT in for a loving family or single person looking for a good housekept, house guardian, and bff.

Rambo can use a doggy door with no issues, and will let you know when he needs to go out. Other than that, Rambo understands basic commands, such as “sit, stay, no, stop”. Rambo is great on a leash and great with kids and people. Rambo is very active, he has been walked at least 2 times a day since we got him. Rambo travels well, as we took him on a 6 hour road trip, and he actually let us know when he needed to make a pit stop. Could not ask for a better dog, but we are just fostering. Our 9 year-old can walk him in the neighborhood but he is getting stronger and stronger, so we conducted some basic leash training and have a been focusing on doggy socialization, but more socialization training will be needed.
BIG tongue, BIG heart that needs BIG LOVE!!


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