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Australian Kelpie Mix

She is a very nice dog, I could see, since he was a smaller puppy, he was tough and a protector, an alpha but not overly aggressive. He is very nice and craves attention. He does not like for the other dogs to take your time but he will wait at times. I think he will be a very loyal and loving pet who will do well with a family and other dogs. He has never been alone. Even though I think he will do well with a family it may take time and patience if there are smaller children because he likes to jump on people and he can easily knock over smaller children and he will because he is excited. If patience and understanding are not there I would not recommend smaller children only because he can knock them over but I do think families would be best. He always listens to the sit command from me but not usually from my child. He is on the left in the photo.

Barkley is a beautiful Australian Kelpie mix female. As with all our dogs, she is spayed, has a microchip, and all current shots. The adoption fee for Barkley is $150. She is living with one of our wonderful foster heroes getting love and attention so she will be the best possible pet for your family.

Would you like to meet her? Great! You can send us an email to Rescue@AnthemPets.org or call or send a text to 480-287-3542.

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