8 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. The decorations are up all over and the stores are illuminating with scary creatures, fun costumes, and of course candy! It is definitely the most popular holiday of the year for people, but let’s not forget our beloved pets. Here are 8 safety tips to remember when it comes to Halloween and our fury, family members.

1. Candy

Chocolate of any kind is a big no, no for cats and dogs. Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, seizures, and even death. It is best to avoid giving your pets anything that has chocolate in it. Artificial sweeteners like Xylitol are also deadly, especially in dogs where they have been known to cause liver damage. Keep the candy out of harm’s way.

2. Outdoors

Halloween is known to have its share of pranksters and mischievous persons. They do not know your pet, and your pet does not know them. Teasing can end up with horrible results like biting or vicious attacks, instincts of protection. Black cats are at more risk for cruelty as well. Sadly, even some pets are stolen on Halloween, so keep your pets inside or some place you know they will be safe from seeing any strangers.

3. Plants & Pumpkins

Pumpkins and other Halloween displays like corn, if eaten can cause huge gastrointestinal issues. If you plan to light jack-o-lanterns keep them out of the way of your pets to avoid potential burns or even knocking them over and starting a house fire.

4. Costumes for Pets

Of course they are adorable and fun to put on your cat or dog, but think of your pet’s safety. Can they still move freely? Is the costume too tight? Can the animal see? How about their ability to breathe? Try on pet costumes well before the big night. Slowly introduce your pet to the costume for a few short periods at a time so they are less stressed when Halloween night does arrive.

5. ID

Sadly many pets get scared with all the activity on Halloween and can run off and get lost. Make sure your pet has proper identification such as a collar or a microchip. Also, double check that all information is up to date so you can be contacted quickly.

6. Noise

Loud noises are inevitable on Halloween. Screaming kids, doorbells ringing, loud costumes, and animated decorations are just a few sounds heard throughout the night. Try putting your pet in a room or area they will feel safe. You may even want to put on a loud tv to drown out the outside noises and help keep your pet calm and unaware of all the commotion.

7. Humans

Dogs and cats rely on smell mainly to identify their trusted family members, but they are also keenly aware of your appearance. Costumes typically make you look very different, and nothing like your pets have seen before. This is very scary for them and can cause all kinds of stress and anxiety. They may even bite at you or hide. Choose your costume with you pets in mind.

8. Decorations

Dogs especially are prone to chewing. Halloween decorations that require electrical wiring should be out of Fido’s reach. They could not only electrocute themselves, but they could easily become entangles in the wires causing sprains, fractures, or even death. Hide all wires or try to keep them higher, out of pets reach.

Let’s all make Halloween a safe and fun day for our family, neighbors, friends and all our precious pets. Follow some of these tips so it is a good, memorable evening for everyone!

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