Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for driving policy and growth, making decisions based on AP charter, promoting AP values and community engagement.  Assisting staff and volunteers.

Our Founder

Barb Windgassen began Anthem Pets in 2005 to help pets like these. She invested everything that she possibly could and with the help and generosity of the community, Anthem Pets has become what it is today: A 501 (c)(3) volunteer rescue with many years of valued and trusted service in Anthem.


Adam –

For as long as I can remember I always had pets in the house. After 14 years we had recently lost out dog, this sparked my desire to do more with animals. There are endless amounts of animals who are lost or just need a home for someone to love and take care of them. Words can not express the joy it brings me when we find that forever home for one of our cats or dogs. Most people say that they rescue animals, I truly believe they rescue us.


Vice President

Angie –

My love for all critters no matter how big or small started as a very young child.  From petting the cows tongues to being the kid who brought the snake to school on the bus; I’ve always tried to save them all.   I would buy neglected pets to save them, get them healthy and vetted, then adopt them out. I love going out rescuing/trapping the strays, the beloved, escaped pets and watching the owners be reunited with their furbabies.

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Angie –

I grew up in rural Illinois where my love for animals and all things nature was introduced at an early age. We were surrounded by animals from cows to rabbits, dogs and cats and everything in between. Upon moving to Arizona, my love animals continues.


Cat Adoption Coordinator

Heather –

I have always had a love for animals and would bring home strays.  This led me to work in the pet industry for 11 years after college.  When I moved back to Arizona, I wanted to get more involved since my kids were older and found Anthem Pets.  I received my first foster cats in June of 2018.  48 fosters later anthem pets have become like family.  I love being able to give cats a second chance at a wonderful life.

Microchip and eMail Coordinator

Taylor –

Sheriff Callie was my first rescue and she was pregnant. Callie’s litter introduced me to the world of kitten rescue and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. The ultimate love and heartbreak is working in animal rescue.