Direct Volunteers


Chief of Staff to President

Michael –

I love every foster we care for just like my own pet. We teach them how to love, have fun and be a member of a family. We raise kittens and bring some back dogs to health and I would not change those moments for anything. I love being a part of Anthem Pets and all we do together for animals.

HotLine Manager

Leslee –

Uniting pets with their forever home warms my heart!

avatar valerie

Dog Coordinator Assistant

Valerie –

I have a love for all animals and believe that every animal deserves a loving home.  I  enjoy helping all animals to have a better life and believe every living creature deserves at a minimum love, food and shelter.  I previously worked with Tiny Paws rescue group in the Midwest  rescuing dogs from puppy mills all across the US and placing them in loving homes. I  am currently the assistant dog coordinator with Anthem Pets Rescue helping to coordinate placement for all the dogs we help find homes for.

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Volunteer Coordinator

Cheri C. –

The reason I like to work in animal rescue, is I am a true animal lover of every kind. I feel bad for animals that are have to suffer due to the owners, or are abandoned without homes, or are just neglected. I want to try to help them all! 


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Cheryl –

I have been volunteering in animal rescue since 2001 and helping Anthem Pets since 2014. I also do Trap/Neuter/Return of feral cats. 

I divide my year between Arizona and British Columbia. I like traveling, camping and being outdoors.