Help Wanted

Essential Volunteer Positions

Intervening on behalf of pets in need is very rewarding but requires people who can work independently and dedicate themselves to the task at hand.

Currently, we most URGENTLY require an Adoption Event Coordinator and a second Dog Adoption Coordinator, but volunteers are needed in all of the positions below. Please read the descriptions and write us at or call 480-287-3542 if you have questions. If you see a position that interests you, please click here to fill out a Volunteer Application. Thank you!

Adoption Event Coordinator

The Adoption Event Coordinator will plan and execute adoption events for the rescue, coordinating with the Board, pet fosters and volunteers to facilitate a successful event.

Dog Adoption Coordinator

The Dog Adoption Coordinator is a hands-on role that requires organizational skills and computer skills. Because it requires a high level of work, we prefer to have two people in this position. The Dog Adoption Coordinator facilitates adoptions from start to finish by working with fosters, vets and potential adoptive families. Responsibilities include:

* Coordinate pet care with our veterinary partner 
* Review adoption applications and interview applicants
* Facilitate final adoption paperwork

Communications Director

The Communications Director is a PR role. It is your job to get Anthem pets mentioned in the press, online, and TV. Can you reach out to influencers and get us publicity? Anthem Pets needs established as the subject matter expert of local rescue. Must be tech savvy and understand the modern world of publicity and online influence.

Foster Coordinator

You will be responsible for helping Anthem Pets find and retain foster families. You will work with our social media and marketing team to help spread the word about Anthem Pets and the need for loving foster families. When a pet needs rescue you will work to find it a Foster. The Foster Coordinator serves as the liaison between Fosters and the Board and will qualify new foster homes, coordinate transportation to and from the vet, ensure Fosters have supplies, and other assistance as needed.

Lost & Found / Rehoming Pet Coordinator

This combined coordinator position is vital to daily operations.

Lost & Found Responsibilities

You will respond to calls and posts about Lost and Found Pets, confirm the location and coordinate pick-up if needed. You may take pictures and transport the pet to the vet to scan for microchip. You will communicate with the Dog and Cat Adoption Coordinators and Foster Coordinator to determine if an intake is possible.

Rehoming Pet Responsibilities

Requests to rehome a dog or cat happen for a variety of reasons. You will review the submissions and communicate with the Dog and Cat Adoption Coordinators and Foster Coordinator to determine if an intake is possible. You may coordinate pick up if needed.

Data Managers

Data Management is everything! We need two organized people who would be responsible for entering day-to-day data into the system including email requests, messages, vet records, licensing, and foster communications.

Event Photographer

You will attend adoption and fundraising events and take photos and videos that can be shared on the website and social media. Pet images are very impactful – who doesn’t love to see adorable cats and dogs!

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