Become a Foster

Can you love and nurture a pet until we find it a forever home? Fosters, along with Volunteers, are the reason why our rescue has been able to save thousands of pets since 2005.

Foster families provide temporary care for adult cats, kittens, adult dogs and puppies. Some animals need as little as a day or two in your home, while others may need care for an extended period of time. Your help as a foster is essential to our success. By offering your time, love, energy and home to an animal in need, you will save their life and prepare them for adoption into a permanent home. Anthem Pets does not have a facility and we rely solely on foster families to care for animals that enter our system. We are always looking for more foster homes – our demand is growing every day!

If you would like to join the Anthem Pets family, please fill out the Foster Application. The application will allow you to provide information on your preferences or limitations; for example you may be able to foster cats, but not dogs, and you may have a gender, age or size preference.

From there, please join our the Anthem Pets Volunteer & Foster Facebook page where you can keep up with all our rescue efforts and see immediately when a pet needs to be fostered. This is the easiest way for us to communicate when a foster is needed.

If you see a pet you want to foster, comment on the Facebook post, then fill out a Foster Release Form. Remember, you must fill out the Foster Application first.

If you have any questions about fostering, please email us at Thanks again for making our rescue work possible. We’re excited for you to join our family of Fosters!

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