Pets Available for Adoption

Here you will find Anthem Pets cats and dogs that are ready (or almost ready) for adoption. Click on the image below to read what their foster parents have to say about their personality. All our pets are in homes with loving fosters. Here’s how we work; decide who you want to meet and then click on “call about…” or “email about…” and let us know who you want to meet. We will then let the foster parent know and you two will set up a convenient time to visit. Usually we can bring a dog to you especially if there are other dogs to meet and cats are typically met in the foster’s home.

Ready to Adopt?

Thank you for your interest in adopting! All Anthem Pets dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, up to date on their vaccines, microchipped and waiting to be united with their forever family. We have also taken care of any health issues that we know of.

If you’re ready to meet a pet and adopt, here is the TWO STEP process:

Step 1:

Let us know which of our adoptable pets you are interested in by sending us an email to or by calling/texting to (480) 287-3542.

Step 2:

Once you have met your new furry family member you will then need to complete the Adoption Contract. 

Within the Adoption Contract you will be able to pay the adoption fee securely by PayPal. Our adoption fees are:

Cats :  Kittens (Under 9 Months ) $125
            Young Cats ( 9 months to 2 years ) $85
            Adult Cats (2-6 years) $65
            Senior Cats (6 + years) $40
Dogs:  Puppies (under 9 Months) $350
            Young Dogs (9 months to 2 years) $250
            Adult Dogs (2-6 years) $200,
            Senior Dogs (6 + years ) $ 75

Adoption fees are subject to change and may be higher for specific breeds. We also offer a discount when you adopt a bonded pair. After your adoption has been processed, you will receive your adoption certificate, veterinary records and microchip information via email.

Not ready to adopt, please consider fostering or volunteering.

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