EMERGENCY PET HOTLINE: 8am - 5:30pm (480) 287-3542

Lost & Found Pets

Lost Pets

We are so sorry if your pet has gotten loose. In addition to filling out our Lost Pet Form, please check out the links to other resources below.

If you have LOST your pet, please fill out the LOST PET FORM and upload a recent photo(s).

Click on the following link associated with the type of animal that you’ve lost for helpful tips on what you can do to help locate your loved one.

Lost Dog Checklist

Lost Cat Checklist

Found Pets

If you have FOUND a pet, please fill out the FOUND PET FORM and upload a photo(s). Once we have received the form we’ll post the animal on our Facebook page.

Take a look at the Found Pet Check List for more information on what to do to help locate the owners.

Other Resources

We hope you are soon reunited with your cat or dog. If a lost or found pet is returned, please write us at AnthemPets@Yahoo.com so we can remove it from the list. Good luck!

Help Anthem Pets find loving homes for our furry friends.

Help Anthem Pets find loving homes for our furry friends.

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