What People Food Do You Share With Your Pup? Could it be Toxic?

People Food That is Toxic to Pets You love your four-legged buddy and want to share everything with him. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sharing most foods, but you might not be aware that everything you eat may not be good for your furry pal. Some foods considered healthy for us may prove […]

8 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. The decorations are up all over and the stores are illuminating with scary creatures, fun costumes, and of course candy! It is definitely the most popular holiday of the year for people, but let’s not forget our beloved pets. Here are 8 safety tips to remember when it comes to Halloween […]

How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion in Pets

Heat Exhaustion As temperatures soar, one of the most important pet care tips is to ensure that your furry friend stays hydrated. Unfortunately, most pet parents do not realize that the rising temperatures could pose a serious threat to their four-legged buddy, resulting in an overheated body. Heatstroke or hyperthermia is a common heat-related issue […]