EMERGENCY rescue needed

EMERGENCY rescue needed. An elderly person was trying their best to care for this small colony of 30+ kittens and 6+ adult cats. The caregiver is now hospitalized and asked for help. We need to step in quickly and get these kittens in for medical care, and get the adults spayed before they have more kittens. To get these beautiful lives medical care we need $5,000. Without support we cannot commit to this project without your help!

🐱Here is what we need:
💚Fosters who will care for some kittens (3-5 each foster)
💲Donate to their care – GOAL $5,000
🚗Volunteers to transport cat/kittens
📲Spread the word, share this post with others


PayPal – https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/anthempets

Venmo – https://account.venmo.com/u/Anthem-Pets_Rescue

Thank you!

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 $10  for whatever

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$25 for whatever

$100 for whatever


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