Success Stories

One of the most wonderful moments in a Rescue organization is when an animal finds their forever home.  It brings joy and satisfaction to us all.  Here are just a few of our wonderful moments!

Every rescued animal has experienced loss, life-changing loss. Corbin, a small black and white kitten, was no exception. He was unloved and uncared for up until Anthem Pets rescued him. Then gradually Corbin began to overcome his losses. He found a new home with Dawn B., his gentle, charming personality blossomed and he fell in love with everyone, including the dogs.

Jax’s rescue story begins in a blistering hot parking lot in late 2017. He was lost or abandoned  and running the risk of developing heat exhaustion. Thankfully he was rescued and went to a foster home with Katie C.  Eventually his foster family officially adopted him and he became a valued member of the pack. Jax, now called Louie, loves to cuddle, play with his brothers and go for walks, along with being one of Anthem’s best neighborhood watch dogs.

Pets teach children many things, including unconditional love, responsibility and how to empathize. With this in mind, Amanda C. adopted Tequila for her daughter’s 10th birthday present. The gift was a terrific success! Tequila, now called Tila, is an important part of her young owner’s life and very much loved by everyone in the family

Some rescued pets are adopted quickly. Others, especially those that have a special need or are simply considered unattractive and common, wait for months or even years in foster care before they find someone that loves them. Homer belonged in this second category of rescues.

He stayed in a loving foster home for almost a year and not a single person expressed interest in adopting him. Circumstances then arose which required him to be moved through several foster homes until he landed in Mary Ann B.’s home. She was supposed to keep him only two weeks, but those weeks stretched into six years and they are still counting. Homer is only one example of many so called “unattractive or common” dogs and cats that are in reality amazing pets.

Suppose kittens dream of what they will be when they grow up? Perhaps they imagine themselves performing tricks, training to be a mouser or even becoming a special companion cat. If Piper Faye ever dreamed of herself as a companion cat, her wish came true!

Melissa A. is currently helping her dog battle cancer and knowing that he has always had a soft spot for cats, she adopted Piper Faye to be a companion for him. The two are a perfect match and spend their days playing, sleeping and getting into trouble together. 

An abandoned or lost animal is vulnerable to all sorts of dangers and to survive they have to be tough. Stimpy, a small chihuahua mix, bravely survived on his own until we rescued him. He spent some time in a foster home and then was adopted by Christine C. Stimpy is now called Rocco. He leads a comfortable life full of love, treats, toys and soft spots, but he continues to be tough and protects his family with all his heart.

Roughly 30% of all pets become lost at some point in their lives. For Buddy it happened when he was a young adult. He was rescued and taken to a foster home to wait for his owners to appear. They never did. During the wait, Buddy conquered the hearts of his foster family. When the time came for Buddy to be put up for adoption, Dana S. and her family couldn’t imagine anyone else loving him like they did, so they filled out the paperwork and officially welcomed him into their family. Today Buddy is also affectionately called Budders and Peanut Budders. He enjoys the company of 4 furry siblings and keeps his human family on their toes with his silly quirks.