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How to Select Pet-Friendly Furniture

How To Pick Pet-Friendly Furniture

You love your furry buddy, but one thing you don’t like much is the damage caused by them to your furniture. No doubt, having a pet is worth it, and you cannot thank your four-legged pal for the amazing playtime, cuddles, and snuggles. But your friendly companion might not realize the worth of your furniture, and you might have to contend with tears, scratches, and fur almost everywhere! Perhaps it is time to gift your furry baby pet-friendly furniture to discourage them from ruining your expensive living space.

With a fur baby around, you know what you need to do to keep your furniture nice and neat. Of course, you do not need to lock your canine in a room or wrap the couch in plastic. All you need to do is pick pet-friendly furniture.

Fabric comes first

When looking for pet-friendly fabric, it is important to look for shiny and smooth stuff that does not attract fur. Typically, pet-friendly fabric uses a tougher weave that easily endures claw marks and scratches. Choose stain-resistant furniture that can live with your cuddly fur baby when choosing sofas, couches, and chairs. You may want to opt for Crypton, microfiber, or Ultrasuede, which make great options as pet-friendly fabric. Additionally, such fabric is easier to clean. You will agree that even a well-trained pet might have some accidents, resulting in stains.

Go for a multicolored pattern

For a pet with white fur, a darker fabric is not the right choice. Similarly, light-colored furniture may not be appropriate for a dark pet fur. So you may want to opt for a multicolored pattern that works in all situations. You might even want to pick a highly washable fabric.

No mess cleaning

You should always try to find easy to clean pet fabric. Your furry buddy loves to track in dirt or might have a bathroom accident. The idea is to explore fabric options and look for one with the high-performance tag. Of course, you should be looking for faux leather, microfiber, leather, or wool that are easier to clean.

Soft to touch

When it comes to choosing a pet-friendly fabric, you do not want to harm your furry buddy with a tough fabric that is hard to touch. Such fabric might hurt your canine or feline, making them feel uncomfortable. The best pet-friendly furniture fabric is highly durable, but also soft to the touch.

You want to look for smooth and shiny material that is less likely to attract fur. There are several options in such fabric, from denim to polyurethane, leather, polyester, and denim.



It is a good idea to keep your pet’s claws trimmed. However, you still want to choose scratch-resistant fabric for a pet with some serious claws. Leather and faux leather are highly durable and harder for your pet to catch a nail on. Or you might want to explore distressed leathers that are less likely to wear and tear.

Sturdy wood frames

Opt for sturdy frames that can easily withstand jumping pets. A chair is a highly durable furniture option for pets, as the wooden arms, legs, and back cover a lot of the area, giving your furry pal less scratching space.

Cushion expensive furniture

Add a layer of protection to the sofa seat cushions if your canine or feline loves to dig into them. Place some accent pillows as a barrier between the pet’s claws and the upholstery. What’s more, these are easy to replace and do not cost a dime!

Additionally, you could choose Ottomans and other small furniture pieces to block off access to breakables for your pet.

Attractive pet beds

When you plan to choose pet-friendly furniture, opt for attractive pet beds. It is a good idea to choose appealing scratching posts that encourage your canine to use them. Your pet is more likely to be attracted by a post spiked with catnip than your favorite sofa. You may also want to be strategic with placement of pet beds. Put them somewhere they can get an unhindered view of their favorite people.

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