Twitter Social Monitor

Monitor the activity on the Anthem Pets Twitter Channel.  Our channel is @AnthemPetsAZ – You would be responsible for liking other relevant, local posts, retweeting great posts from others, responding to comments and joining in conversation by commenting on other Tweets. This is a growth strategy position. Your work will help others see Anthem Pets online. You would also follow relevant accounts. If you have the skill set; live Periscope, live Tweet from events, create and post new posts, create relevant lists and curate them. The goal is to get to 10 great Tweets per day so we can turn on the Twitter Promote feature for this platform.

Instagram Social Monitor

Monitor the activity on the Anthem Pets Instagram Account.  We are @anthempets – You would be responsible for liking other relevant, and/or local posts, responding to comments and joining in conversation by commenting on other posts. This is a growth strategy position. Your work will help others see Anthem Pets online. You would also follow relevant accounts. A requirement of the Instagram position is to create one or more Instagram stories daily to dramatically increase engagement. The stories should be relevant, great content, pictures of our available pets, event clips, success stories and more. A future goal is to also create the posts and schedule them for production working with the Social Media Manager.

Facebook Social Monitor

This is a position that requires discernment skills and a great personality. You will be looking at the comments left on the posts placed by followers. This is NOT the DM for Facebook. You will react to comments, reply to comments and, when necessary, hide comments and even ban users. Anthem pets will not tolerate hateful or abusive comments on their Facebook page. Our social channels are bully-free and it is the responsibility of the Social Listening Monitor to make sure they stay that way. Primarily your role is to keep the page active and let people know that we are listening. You will also answer questions, forward messages as necessary and provide follow up information.

YouTube Coordinator

Video editing skills are a plus, but not required. Our YouTube manager will create and add thumbnails, descriptions, playlists and tags to our videos. Must be knowledgeable in the platform. Adoptable pet videos will be moved to the success story playlist after adoption, new videos uploaded and work closely with the Social Media Manager to coordinate the promotion of new videos and the channel in general.

Blog Coordinator

We have a professional writer who will write the blogs for the Anthem Pets website. What we need is someone who can look for the relevant content for them. You would research online for great topics, use current trends and what you know about the community to help them create content. Once you have a content idea, you would go online and find other articles, references and points, prepare those points and your input and forward that to the writer. She then writes the piece for us. Once it comes back, you would proofread it and find great images for the post. Upload it to the blog and communicate with the Social Media Manager so they can promote it.

Event Photographer / Videographer

Looking for a volunteer who can attend adoption, fundraising and other events to take video footage and pictures for use on the Anthem Pets website, and in social media and marketing campaigns.

Hot Line Volunteer (voicemail)

Check the voice mail on the Anthem Pets hotline and forward the necessary information to the right person or call back/text to answer the question. Make notes in the animal management software if the voice mail pertained to an animal.

Data Management

Data is everything! We need two people who manage the data entry and additions to our database called Animals First. You would be responsible for the day-to-day data that needs entered and added to the system. Email requests, messages, vet records, licensing, and foster communications.

Director of Fundraising

The fundraising coordinator is a pivotal role for Anthem Pets. You are the right fit if you have had experience in the past working with 501c3 organizations, are very tech savvy and organized and have a great, outgoing personality.

This will be a board position. We need someone who can work with Director of Events, Social Media Manager, Passive Donations Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator to create epic fundraising events, online fundraising drives, and any other appropriate fundraising activities.

This role will also be responsible for grant writing and grant submissions. Anthem pets will consider this role for a paid position for the right person.

Passive Donations Coordinator

Work with the Director of Fundraising to manage all the passive donation platforms available to Anthem Pets. Look for new funding opportunities and community partners. Work with web team to keep the partner page updated and accurate.

Foster Coordinator

You would be responsible for helping Anthem Pets find and retain foster families. You would work with our social media and marketing team to help spread the word about what Anthem Pets does and the need for loving foster families. When a foster is needed you would reach out to find one and communicate with all fosters. You serve as the liaison between the fosters and AP to make sure they have food, scheduled vet appointments and anything else necessary for a successful foster.

Volunteer Coordinator

This is a very important role and requires more time on the weekends. The volunteer coordinator will work with the Director of Events, Newsletter, and Social Media Manager to get the word out on upcoming events, recruit and organize the volunteers, keep track of volunteer information in our database, give each volunteer the appropriate training to meet compliance rules, and issue volunteer ID cards. Must be able to work with and understand the technology for the job like email, texting, database, online forms, and social media.

Communications Coordinator

This is a PR role. It is your job to get Anthem pets mentioned in the press, online, and TV. Can you reach out to influencers and get us publicity? Anthem Pets needs established as the subject matter expert of local rescue. Must be tech savvy and understand the modern world of publicity and online influence.

Texting Coordinator

Anthem Pets uses EZ Text for mass opt-in text messaging. Looking for a volunteer to manage the program, schedule texts per each group and make sure anyone who has opted out is properly removed and not added back into the system. You would also respond to all questions that come in through the EZ Text platform, typically in response to an event notification.

Community Partner Coordinator

Work with Director of Fundraising and Passive Donations Coordinator to reach out and locate community partners. Find sponsorship opportunities and other rescues we can partner with. Manager New Hope program with Maricopa County Shelters and other shelters.

Sales Coordinator

Anthem Pets has developed a line of awesome clothing, hats, beanies and more. We will be selling these items as an income source both in person and through an online store. You would work with vendors, keep stock, help with display and sales. Shopify experience helpful. You would coordinate with volunteers, events and social media to promote our clothing for a cause. You would also be responsible for creating new designs, following trends and improving our products. This position will also cover all free swag products to keep branding in line.